Wildcat Hall of Fame

The Wildcat Student-Athlete Hall of Fame was established in 1995 to honor former intercollegiate team members who made significant contributions to the SUNY Polytechnic sports program. To date, 33 former Wildcats have been selected for induction based on their outstanding athletic performance and leadership abilities and the exceptional competitive impact they made while representing the SUNY Poly intercollegiate sports program.

Renamed The Wildcat Hall of Fame in 2003, the Hall also proudly honors former coaches, administrators, faculty, staff and benefactors who have made significant contributions to the development and success of the Wildcat sports program.



Nick Grimmer - Men's Basketball
Jessica Skelton - Softball, Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer


Tom McLaughlin - Baseball


Toni Darling Johnston - Softball, Women's Basketball
Sarah Schiavone Lidbom - Softball, Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer
Mark Sierak - Golf, Bowling


Harry Jaime - Baseball
Theresa Synakowski - Softball
Eddie Bocca - Men's Basketball
Kevin Roman - Golf


Eric Gronowski - Baseball
Mike Schmidt - Baseball
Shari Sion - Women's Basketball, Softball, Women's Soccer
Marla Stagliano - Women's Basketball, Softball


Donald Dutcher - Men's Soccer
Theresa D'Aprile - Women’s Basketball, Softball, Women’s Volleyball
Todd Flack - Baseball
Robert Drake - Baseball
Anthony Darnell Hickman - Men's Basketball
Anessa Lourensz - Women's Basketball


Vicki Fuess Abrams - Women's Basketball, Softball


Rudy Burruss - Men's Basketball
Sherri Dubben - Women's Basketball
Myron Falinski - Men's Soccer
Jennifer Repard - Women's Basketball, Softball, Women’s Volleyball


Mary Ward Difulvio - Women's Basketball


Joseph Barker - Men's Basketball
Michael Thompson - Men's Basketball


Jim Bailey - X-Country
Maurita Burke - Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball
Diann Benowski Difrancesco - Women's Basketball
Neil Fitzpatrick - Men's Soccer
Bob Graham - Men's Basketball
Larry Navatka - X-Country
Renee Olmsted - Women's Basketball
Ken Powell - Men's Soccer
Mary Claire Premo - X-Country
Joe Robles - Men's Basketball
Brett Wallace - Men's Basketball