MCC: Wildcats Dominate the 6th Annual Wildcat Classic.

Photo Credit: Charles Hendricks
Photo Credit: Charles Hendricks

UTICA, NY. – The Wildcats earned themselves a first place finish in SUNY Poly's 6th Annual Wildcat Classic on Saturday. They locked down the top seven spots with Noah Valvo (Town of Wright, N.Y.), Derek Smith (Greece, N.Y.), Jonathan Miller (Oneonta, N.Y.), Ian Kurzrock (Woodbourne, N.Y.), Garrett Jones (New Hartford, N.Y.), Jesse Chain (Campbell Hall, N.Y.), and Christopher Bouchard (Latham, N.Y.) finishing 1st through 7th respectively.  



  • SUNY Poly's dominant performance led to a first place finish with a score of 15. The Wildcats had 7 top 10 finishers.
  • The Wildcats beat every team by at least 59 points. Herkimer CC came in 2nd with a score of 74.
  • The 1st place finish was the Wildcats third consecutive win this season.



Wildcat Classic
Utica, NY
Hosted by SUNY Polytechnic Institute
61 Runners/8 Teams



1. Noah Valvo 27:37.2

2. Derek Smith  28:14.9

3. Jonathan Miller 28:21.0

4. Ian Kurzrock 28:29.9

5. Garrett Jones  28:32.2

6. Jesse Chain  28:40.4

7. Christopher Bouchard  28:57.7

11. Andrew Pfeifera 29:30.8

19. William Grady 31:29.2

28. Starlin Nunez Ash 33:06.6

41. Matthew Gallimo 34:37.1

43. Ryan Fitzgerald 35:23.8

44. Nick Markessinis 35:36.8

50. Joshua Blake 37:48.8

56. Brennan Goetz 43:07.9



SUNY Poly will travel to SUNY Geneseo for the Mike Woods Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 29.