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The goal of this commitment is to support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes by encouraging emotional well-being,personal growth, and sound decision-making skills. Areas of focus includedevelopment of interpersonal communication, media relations, fiscalresponsibility, the ability to deal appropriately with authority, developproper manners and etiquette, clarify personal values, practice goodnutrition, develop self-esteem, proper choices concerning alcohol use, developstress management skills, and establishment of sound personal and professionalrelationships. Activities in this area include:

  • Once a year, the SUNY Poly Athletics Department brings a speaker to campus to discuss issues related to personal responsibility.
  • In the past, the Athletics Department has brought in programs on sports nutrition, DWI, resume writing, and social media.
  • In addition to scheduled presentations, the Wellness Center and Counseling Center are available for use by all students. Services include weekly visits by a registered dietitian and a chiropractor.
  • In 2012, former NBA player Chris Herren delivered a presentation on his struggles with addiction to students and faculty at the Wildcat Field House.