A Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Recent Events From President Wang.

"We are outraged and deeply saddened by the senseless killing of George Floyd, which followed the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and others before them. Social justice, equality and an end to systemic racism are at the forefront of our values as we watch protests take place across New York State and the nation. Our SUNY Poly community's deep sympathies go out to everyone who has been directly impacted, and everyone else whose hearts are broken. We extend our condolences to George Floyd's family and stand with them as well as with millions of others, seeking peace and justice.  This is a blaring reminder of how critical it is for all of us to reiterate our commitment not only to diversity, equity, and inclusion—bedrock values of SUNY Poly—but also to actively embrace education, the sharing of our various experiences, and acting with compassion. We must continue to build connections, trust, and acceptance as we value and learn from each other, while working to uplift each other. We must practice civility, empathy, and equality while standing against racism. We have the power as an institution of higher learning to make positive changes and demonstrate the tenets of inclusivity and social justice. At SUNY Poly, we will continue to focus on supporting a safe space in which we can pursue these ideals, with input from all, through vigorous and persistent positive action."
Dr. Grace Wang
Interim President
SUNY Polytechnic Institute