To our SUNY Poly Wildcat Athletics community:

As we try to decipher these unprecedented times in college athletics and campus life, the Wildcat Athletics staff wants you to know that we continue to work to make our program strong. The changes to your studies and athletic pursuits have created a challenging setback, but we stand by ready to assist as always.
I know our coaches and staff have reached out and Kelly Colbert continues to be available for academic guidance and support. The NCAA continues to clarify eligibility concerns and our coaches continue to recruit future Wildcats to keep our teams strong and competitive.
We have great empathy for everyone who has lost intercollegiate games and seasons; it is disheartening to lose the hard work you put into preparation and the joys of spending time with teammates in competition. Our staff shares this with you, especially with our Wildcats who will graduate and not return to competition at SUNY Poly.
Please remain strong and healthy, continue to work out, and keep us posted on how you are doing. Best of luck with your academic programs and please remain productive in preparation for a stronger Wildcat sports program when we return.
-Kevin Grimmer